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How to create account and write your WILL for your Digital Assets with Octowill?

February 18, 2019 sasidharan 3 min read No Comments

How to create account and write your WILL for your Digital Assets with Octowill?

February 18, 2019 Sasi Dharan 3 min read No Comments

Hello there,

Welcome to Octowill.

here is how you can assign beneficiaries to your Crypto Currencies and Wallets and Write a Crypto WILL

Begin here:

Register your self on Octowill Registration page – Navigate to -> Octowill Registration Page

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Step 1: Manage your Profile
Create and update your profile here. It is really important to update your information regularly for smooth and faster execution of your WILL when required or upon your demise.
{Submit your KYC document and verify all details, then proceed}

Octowill myProfile Page
Octowill myProfile Page

Step 2: 

Update Triggers

Triggers propel stage 1 “Proof of life” engine. It sends you responsive triggers at intervals set by you. You can always change and set new trigger protocols or set any interval you want.

Remember, you must respond to triggers so that “proof of life” remain status quo.

Octowill Trigger Settings
Octowill Trigger Settings

Step 3:

Add Beneficiary

Firstly, Build the master list of all your beneficiaries here, include all of them one by one. You can do their KYC now or update it anytime in the future.

When writing the WILL you may select beneficiaries from the list you have created.


Who can be assigned as a Beneficiary?
You can name any person, family member, friend, organization, or institution as a beneficiary.
The receiver must be over 18 years of age. In good health and in sound mind.

You are recommended to submit a full KYC of your beneficiary and upload clear copies of documents. This will enable the processing of claims without much hassle after your demise.

You can choose to inform your beneficiaries of their nomination upon writing the WILL or you can choose Octowill to inform them after your demise. You may select the option whereby you want to keep their appointment secret. You are recommended to keep their information up to date as it will be an essential part of the claim and execution process and to assist your beneficiary(s) to file an expedient claim.

Step 4:

Assign Trusted Person(s)

You must assign a Minimum of 3 (three) person you know and trust. The Trusted persons are required to propel the stage 4 “Proof of life” engine. You can change the persons anytime you wish.
– they must be contactable
– they can be a friend, colleague, family member, family lawyer etc.
– they cannot be a beneficiary in your WILL.


Step 5:
Proceed to Create your WILL
Perfect! You are now ready to Write your WILL. Just do the following:
1) Verify You Personal Particulars

2) Select a beneficiary and Select exchange wallet – fill details
4) Preview all Information, click proceed
5) Make relevant payments & complete the process
Awesome, That’s It, you have successfully completed your first Crypto WILL and safeguard future of your loved ones.
Go ahead and print the certificate and store it safely.
You may need to review this other info’s from time to time:
View List of WILL:
Points of importance:
– You can always amend the contents of your WILL anytime, each amendment will be hedged on Hyper Ledger.
You may write individual WILLs for each crypto asset, each wallet types or each exchange locations.
or you can assign all the above in one single Crypto WILL, the choice is yours.
– Payments can be made by using ETH, BNB Coin, USDC or WILL token.
Octowill Wallet: 
You can Store WILL token in Octowill wallet and Receive credits for your activity

Where can you Buy or Trade WILL token:

From 25th FEB onwards you can purchase or Trade WILL tokens in the following exchange.DOBI Exchange

–  Navigate to Dobiexchange

If you have any Question, please browse through our Knowledge Base for answers or if you need any assistance
please get in touch with us.
Sasi Dharan

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