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How to create new account with Octowill ?

April 23, 2019 sasidharan 1 min read

How to create new account with Octowill ?

April 23, 2019 Sasi Dharan 1 min read

Hello there,

Welcome to Octowill.

Here is how you can create a new account with Octowill

Begin here:

Register your self on Octowill Registration page – Navigate to -> Octowill Registration Page

Octowill Registration
Octowill Registration
  1. You need to create your Username with ( Alphabets and Numerics – No special Characters )
  2. Enter Your First Name and Last Name
  3. Enter your Current active E-Mail Address and Submit to create your new Account

Once you Register and you will be prompted to Verify your Email,


E-Mail Verification: ( Now check your Email and Click -> “Click Here to Set Password for Your Account”


When you 1st log in to the system you will be prompted to download your Octowill Private Key, please download ( Preferred .TXT file ) and store the Private Key .TXT file safely, the key will be required to access the system and validate authenticity.

Proceed to Log in. Once logged in, you will see “Your Dashboard”. This will give you an overview

Learn more about how to write Digital WILL with Octowill How to create account and write your WILL for your Digital Assets with Octowill?

Where can you Buy or Trade WILL token:

From 25th FEB onwards you can purchase or Trade WILL tokens in the following exchange.DOBI Exchange

–  Navigate to Dobiexchange

If you have any Question, please browse through our Knowledge Base for answers or if you need any assistance
please get in touch with us.
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